We create unique homes

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You already own an apartment but find it simple and ordinary? Our individual design concepts provide a solution, which go beyond mainstream taste. In terms of budget and time, however, we always stay within the framework.

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Plenty of space for concepts


We take time for individual planning and creative concepts. Especially in smaller apartments, it is important to deliberate each and every detail in order to make ideal use of the space. We then develop further design concepts based on an elaborate layout plan.

Setting the tone


No two bathrooms are the same, every kitchen has an individual design, we rethink the colour scheme of every apartment, and our choice of tiles and other building material can also be unique. We can ensure the high quality of materials and professional implementation. This turns your property into an investment of lasting value. 

Furnished on request


The choice of colors, flooring, and materials all depend on the furnishings. That is why we include furniture in the design concept and take into account which pieces of furniture you will bring with you and which we should add. If you wish to rent out the apartment right away, we will equip it with anything you need  – from built-in wardrobes to coffee spoons.

Always on schedule


Our goal is to surprise our customers with an exceptional apartment, and avoid soaring costs. With disciplined project management, transparent project accounting and our experienced team, we can guarantee to stay within the defined budget and to adhere to all schedules. 

Get in touch

Benefit from our experience and our network and get the most value from your home. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you!

Take advantage of our experience and our network to bring the decisive added value to your home. Simply get in touch with us, we will be happy to advise you!

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Reliably exceptional

Each of our apartments is exceptional, whether it is located in Vienna, Madrid, Palma or in Comporta, Portugal. We turn each property into a unique home, where every detail is just right. We take pride in this and it motivates us to keep looking for hidden gems in the very best locations.


Easy to rent

Careful maintenance ensures an increase in the value of your apartment designed by us, and its rental generates a regular income. As your partner, we take care of all the details that come with an investor apartment. All you need to do is to enjoy the return on your investment.