We create unique homes


Often we offer several apartments in one building. This is an enticing opportunity for investors who are looking to purchase several properties as they can do this at one address. Here you can view our current projects.

All projects have one thing in common: an attractive location within the 1st – 9th district of Vienna.

Ybbsstrasse 18, 1020 Vienna

11 Apartments, 2020/ 2021

Mittelgasse 29, 1060 Wien

3 Apartments, 2019/20

Schönbrunnerstrasse 65, 1050 Vienna

7 Apartments, 2018/19

Messenhausergasse 12, 1030 Vienna

6 Apartments - 2017/18

Gonzagagasse 1, 1010 Vienna

2 Apartments, 2014/2015

Wasagasse 24, 1090 Vienna

4 Apartments 2012/2016

Michelbeuerngasse 4, 1090 Vienna

2 Apartments, 2012/2013

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All of our apartments are unique. We have designed each one individually to let the merits of their spaces shine. With high-quality materials and the best craftsmanship, we create values that stand the test of time.



Come home and take a breath. Invite friends. Simply enjoy your time in Vienna: a beautiful home with a real feel-good ambience gives you strength and motivation for your work – at a lower cost than for a hotel of a comparable standard.