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About Homerun

Creating uniquely beautiful homes is our passion. For more than ten years, we have been setting ourselves apart from the mainstream. However, there is more to it than having an eye for proportions and a strong sense of style. We know that investments have to pay off.

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The Team

The creative mind

Georgia von Kempis-Schneider

Perfect design is a matter dear to my heart. Not until everything is just right – the sense of space, the color scheme, the selected pieces of art – can I put the apartment up for sale or rent. In my work I use my immense wealth of experience and ideas, my knowledge of vintage furniture and contacts to craftspeople who are just as passionate about quality as I am.

Robert Bachmann

For me, every successful project begins with meticulous layout planning: how will someone live in this apartment, what will they want to do and where? I am guided by these thoughts to provide each room with a singular atmosphere. With precise project planning and sharp calculations, I guarantee that schedules and budgets are adhered to. 

Living in Vienna and Portugal

We are also a team in our private life and divide our time between Vienna and Portugal. After several years (and projects) in Madrid, we now find and renovate around 20 apartments per year in Vienna, Spain and Portugal. Our unique interior design is a blend of Southern European influences, the chic flair of vintage design and a dash of Viennese cosiness.


A network of professionals


For many years we have built on our reliable network of specialists. Whether it is on the construction site, or in their workshops, experienced craftspeople implement our plans with mastery. Qualified experts take care of your tax and legal concerns.

Enhanced value through passion


We are passionate about relaxed elegant design that gives each apartment its unique value. But when it comes to calculations we remain level-headed, because for you as an investor, the return must be right. With sound economic knowledge, we precisely calculate each project. This is evident from the very start. We only develop apartments in top locations where an increase in value is guaranteed.

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Each of our apartments is exceptional, whether it is located in Vienna, Madrid, Palma or in Comporta, Portugal. We turn each property into a unique home, where every detail is just right. We take pride in this and it motivates us to keep looking for hidden gems in the very best locations.


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